Direct-acting solenoid valves are ultra-compact

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Manufacturers in the Life Science industry are often considered as pioneers in developing some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced machines. With many of their developments being based on improved performance from ever-reducing machine sizes, requests for even smaller components are often at the forefront of their minds. When SMC was recently asked to develop a small CE-accredited, direct-operating 2/3 port solenoid valve for use with various chemicals, the answer was emphatic – the new series LVM.

At only 13mm wide thanks to its innovative rocker mechanism, the new LVM range is claimed to be considerably smaller and lighter (at 30-34g) than other valves offering similar performance. Available with different resin-type body materials (PEEK, EPDM and FPM) that can be selected to cope with the chemical used in the application, early indications have already confirmed the valve´s operational life expectancy of 10million cycles.

Other key features of the LVM range include a reduction in the dead space and smooth flow passages inside the valve that reduce potential reagent waste and troublesome bubble formation. The valves' low power consumption of 1.5W is due to the rocker mechanism and, in the case of the LVM11 that has a built–in energy saving circuit, power consumption has been measured at 1W holding.

Further design benefits include a reduction in the valve's contact surfaces to minimise the possibility of heat from the coil being exchanged with the fluids - which might otherwise lead to poor accuracy, particularly when the valves are used in analysis applications.

29 September 2006

SMC Pneumatics (UK) Ltdvisit website
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