Intuitive Software Makes PLC Programming Easy

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Intuitive Software Makes PLC Programming EasyThe new TwidoSuite software package from Telemecanique, a brand of Schneider Electric, makes it easy to develop automation programs which use the full power and versatility offered by compact programmable controllers (PLCs) in the Telemecanique Twido range. It incorporates a clean modern user interface and intuitive operation that eliminates the need for training.

Developed after a careful study of user requirements and working methods, TwidoSuite is the first PLC programming package which is organised to work on a step-by-step basis, with each step corresponding to a key project stage. There are, for example, steps dealing with project definition and hardware configuration, as well as steps for program development, debugging and real-time monitoring.

For each step, the screen displays only the relevant tools. The result is an uncluttered display which eliminates confusion and aids efficient working. The software also provides comprehensive tips and hints during use, which reduce the risk of errors and ensure that essential tasks are not overlooked.

Designed to run under Windows 2000 or Windows XP on any modern PC, TwidoSuite incorporates powerful tools for programming in ladder diagram and statement list formats. A drag-and-drop option can be used to place objects such as inputs and outputs at appropriate points in the program, saving time and eliminating transcription errors.

The TwidoSuite package incorporates comprehensive facilities for organisation, navigation and documentation, and it supports an extensive range of options, including Bluetooth, for transferring programs to the Twido PLC. It is fully backward compatible with programs produced by the TwidoSoft programming package, which means that existing users of Twido PLCs can enjoy the full benefits of TwidoSuite when updating or modifying their programs.

The innovative new TwidoSuite programming package is available from Schneider Electric on CD-ROM, or alternatively it can be downloaded from the Schneider Electric website.

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