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FLEX/ATX embedded motherboardLeading embedded computer technology company Kontron has announced the first of a series of two long life motherboards based on the latest Intel Q965 Express chipset, which supports the high-performance low power Intel Core2 Duo E6400 processor. The Kontron FLEX-ATX motherboard will be followed in Q1 2007 by the ATX form factor based KT965/ATX. The KT965/FLEX is designed for market segments such as data communication, medical applications (i.e. ultrasound), multimedia and gaming. These market segments will not only benefit from the increased computing power and better performance-per-watt that the Kontron KT965/FLEX offers, but also the increased graphical performance through PCI Express x16.

Compared to its predecessor Intel Pentium D processor, the Intel Core2 Duo series offers approximately 40 percent more application performance and 40 percent less power consumption. The new Intel Q965 Express chipset features a front side bus with 1,066 MHz. Intel Wide Dynamic Execution, a feature of Intel Core Microarchitecture, delivers four instead of three instructions per clock cycle, allowing the platform to deliver a theoretical advantage of 33 percent increased processing performance right from the start, compared to current desktop CPUs from competitive vendors.

Besides being based on the latest Intel chipset & processor technology, the Kontron KT965/FLEX is designed with a wide range of I/O features. This includes support for up to 8 GB high speed DDR2 memory that is needed by high-end applications, 2x Gigabit LAN ports, 8 USB 2.0, 2 serial ports, and high definition Audio. For expansion, the Kontron KT965/FLEX is equipped with 1x PCI Express x16, 1x PCI express x4 and 2 standard PCI ports. Interface connections for flat panel displays include LVDS, DVI and HDMI is done via ADD2 cards in the SDVO port.

"The Intel Core2 Duo processors, based on Intel Core microarchitecture, include a number of new and innovative features that deliver breakthrough energy-efficient performance for embedded platforms," said Doug Davis, vice president and general manager, Intel Communications Infrastructure Group. "When combing the processors with the Intel Q965 Express chipset, Kontron is able to provide a family of embedded motherboards with significant computing power and the latest graphics support."

"Our release of the KT965/FLEX, and following later the KT965/ATX, is an important step for Kontron to further expand our market share in important markets such as data communication and especially the medical segments such as ultrasound, which is one of Kontron's primary target markets for embedded motherboards. The increased performance and lower power consumption delivered by the Intel Core2 Duo processor E6400 makes this product ideal for these markets," explained Kontron's CEO Hannes Niederhauser.

The Kontron KT965/Flex will be available in Q4 of 2006.

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