Large-stroke grippers boast power and speed

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Schunk's new 150 size of PFH large-stroke parallel gripper is designed for large, heavy components, and impresses not just through its power, but also through its speed. This gripper has a total finger stroke of 150mm, a reduced-width housing and is exceptionally robust; all guide and drive elements are protected against the ingress of coarse dirt by a stable, three-layered sheet steel/roller belt cover.

The pneumatic drive, consisting of a dual-piston system, is synchronised by a rack and pinion. The drive produces a maximum gripping force of 2200N, which is applied uniformly to ensure precise handling of a varied array of workpieces. In addition, the low internal friction makes the gripper highly efficient, while also minimising wear.

For a gripper with such a large stroke, the PFH 150, with closing and opening times of around 0.8s, is unusually fast. This is possible partly due to end position damping, which also ensures a quiet return to the end position. The air can also be supplied without hoses, and the PFH 150 can be flexibly mounted on two sides from three directions.

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