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Wolfram Research is now shipping MathModelica System Designer Professional, a powerful new platform for multiengineering simulation and model-based design in Mathematica.

Built on the high-level Modelica standard, MathModelica System Designer Professional provides an innovative graphical environment for developing and maintaining sophisticated models with custom-built and ready-made components. Dynamic frameworks exist for a variety of engineering domains, including electrical, mechanical, thermodynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, and control systems.

Each model component within a system can be used in different roles, depending on how it connects to the surrounding environment. This greatly decreases the need for variants of the same model, affording easier maintenance and providing a true component-based plug-and-play architecture that is closer to real-world systems than the more rigid block-based approach traditionally used.

Mathematica adds a rich computational environment and a means of organising the modelling, analysis, and design process. The live MathModelica System Designer Professional models link seamlessly to Mathematica, with all simulation variables and model parameters available. Users can then control their simulation and model parameters to do further analysis, including visualising, optimising, performing system identification, and using measurement data to test and validate their models.

Key features of MathModelica System Designer Professional include:

  • Easy drag-and-drop modeling, with ready-made and user-defined components also accessible programmatically
  • Hierarchical design structure for managing complex models
  • Ability to handle models from multiple engineering domains, including hybrid and discrete event systems
  • Built-in Simulation Centre for interactive parameter variation and visualisation of simulation results
  • Full Mathematica integration to extend, document, and automate many modeling tasks

MathModelica System Designer Professional is available for Windows and requires Mathematica 4.2 or higher. More product details can be found at the product website

27 October 2006

Wolfram Research Europevisit website
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