Eurotech Group unveils Clù personal supercomputer

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At Milan's SMAU exhibition, in the 'Innovation Routes' section, Eurotech Group presented its new Clù Personal Supercomputer.

Building on its many years of knowledge in computer miniaturisation and innovative design techniques, Eurotech has succeeded in encapsulating the computing power of a supercomputer in a very small package.

The last frontier in high-performance computing (HPC) is in fact the Personal Supercomputer – a new and cutting-edge evolution in the world of HPCs making technology increasingly accessible and also championing its more varied uses.

Eurotech says the Clù will revolutionise the use of computers by featuring a high-performance computing capacity, taking them outside data centres and therefore paving the way for new applications, both in office and field environments.

More information about the Clù can be found here:

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