Octave Launches Octavex Wireless Sensor Framework

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Octave Technology is launching its flagship product, the Octavex Wireless Sensor Framework version 1.0. The Octavex Framework is a software platform designed to assist end users, systems integrators, software developers and OEMS in the deployment and management of wireless sensor networks. The product addresses a growing need for companies to properly manage the large amount of data provided by wireless sensors while leveraging the IT infrastructure and applications currently in place.

Rick Morani, Founder and President of Octave Technology, says: "Wireless sensors are being developed at a rapid pace, with many different standards and communications protocols in play. The management and integration of different hardware products and wireless protocols is a growing concern for companies deploying or looking to deploy wireless sensor solutions. The Octavex Framework provides a single platform for application development and integration of wireless sensors. By developing solutions using the Octavex Framework, development time can be reduced to days versus months, allowing deployments to reach a positive ROI quickly."

The Octavex Framework provides a backbone for wireless sensor network applications while taking a hardware- and standards-agnostic approach. The main components that make up the Octavex Wireless Sensor Framework are:

Octavex Gateway

The gateway allows for a 'plug and play' capability for any wireless sensor device to deliver data into the rest of the Octavex Framework.

Core Services

A collection of services, such as archiving, trending, and alerting, that provides users with a solid base of functionality out of the box.

APIs and integration modules

APIs and reusable software components that allow for the rapid deployment of end-to-end networks by connecting to back-end systems or custom applications.

The Octavex Framework can simultaneously support any number of sensor points for different types of wireless protocols including mesh networks (Zigbee or proprietary platforms), active RFID tags, point-to-point RF sensors and other types of smart sensors. The incoming data is delivered in a common XML-based message to the Core Services where the data can be stored, aggregated and integrated into other enterprise applications using the software APIs.

Jeff Thorn, Director of Technology Development for Octave, comments: "The universal Octavex Gateway utilises components called Application Profiles to handle specific types of wireless sensor data. This allows a developer to use an existing profile from our software library or quickly create one of their own. This is especially useful for developers of smart sensors, providing an immediately available software management and integration framework for their wireless sensor products."

The Octavex Framework licensing options include development licensing packages, run-time licenses for deployments, and OEM licensing programs. An evaluation license of the Octavex Framework is available to qualified participants by contacting Octave Technology.

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