InventBetter Suite 2007 improves price-perfromance ratio

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Geomate Company is releasing InventBetter Suite 2007, a collection of robust software programs that is said to deliver answers to wide range of design and engineering challenges with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

With an exceptional price-performance ratio and superior ease of use, InventBetter Suite enables scientific and technical professionals to automate the engineering calculation process that might otherwise be disconnected, manual and error-prone.

InventBetter Suite 2007 consists of following three Windows-standard software applications:

GrafiCalc 2007 is claimed to be the world's first geometrical spreadsheet that enables users to solve virtually any geometry-dependent engineering challenge in less time than other known methods.

ToleranceCalc 4.0 wizard makes linear stack-up and statistical tolerance analysis of parts and assemblies in any CAD system as easy as spell checking.

SectionCalc 4.0 wizard allows users to calculate all vital section properties of any imaginable cross-section created in any CAD system using a few mouse clicks.

InventBetter Suite 2007 costs $299 and is available immediately.

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