Easy fibre-optic transmission for Industrial Ethernet

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The new M12 microFX from Harting is a family of active fibre-optic transceivers with the same dimensions as the industry-standard M12 electrical connector, making it suitable for use in Industrial Ethernet and other industrial data-transmission applications.

Harting's microFX range consists of active transceivers with diagnostic functions for optical data transmission at speeds of up to 125MBit/s, as well as the corresponding connectors for single- and multi-mode glass-fibre and plastic-fibre. In addition to two optical contacts for data transmission, each device incorporates two electrical contacts for power supply use. The range also includes passive coupling units, panel feed-throughs and pre-assembled custom-built harnesses.

Transceivers are available with wavelengths of 650nm - for plastic optical fibres and short transmission links, or 1300nm - for multi- and single-mode glass fibres for both medium and long transmission distances.

M12 microFX transceivers offer suppliers of automation devices significant savings in component costs because the housings of devices with optical interfaces are the same as those with electrical interfaces. The utilisation of standard ferrules means that users of the M12 microFX can rely on commercially available tools for fibre termination.

Proven M12 technology makes it cost-effective to integrate optical interfaces with IP65/IP67 protection to guarantee secure data transmission in harsh industrial environments.

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