NI DIAdem 10.1 improves data mining and management

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NI DIAdem 10.1 improves data mining and managementNational Instruments is releasing NI DIAdem 10.1, the latest version of the interactive software for inspecting, analysing and reporting test data. DIAdem 10.1 delivers new enhancements that extend the platform's data mining and data management functionality. National Instruments is also introducing NI DataFinder Server Edition that works with DIAdem 10.1 to make it easy for engineers to share and analyse their test data within large groups or departments.

DIAdem 10.1 delivers enhanced data management technology to help engineers more quickly and efficiently analyse and report their test results. Engineers can now use DIAdem 10.1 to call National Instruments LabVIEW VIs, giving them the power to create customised analysis algorithms for test data. Engineers can also use the redesigned ASCII DataPlugin Wizard to quickly load custom file formats into DIAdem. In addition, DIAdem 10.1 adds new reporting features such as XY error bars.

National Instruments is also enhancing the DIAdem DataFinder, a data mining feature introduced in DIAdem 10 that gives engineers the power to perform internet-like searches across their data files, regardless of format. Engineers can also perform advanced searches based on key descriptive information such as specific serial number, status or test type, making it easy for them to search for patterns and trends. DIAdem 10.1 improves on these data mining capabilities with the introduction of new and more intuitive search functions. For example, engineers can now determine their search parameters by selecting them from a generated list.

John Pasquarette, Director of Software Marketing at National Instruments, says: "Engineers from a variety of industries such as automotive and aerospace are working on increasingly complex systems that generate large quantities of test data that must be managed quickly and efficiently. DIAdem 10.1 not only helps engineers manage all of their test data, but it also helps them turn their raw test data into usable results in minutes rather than days."

Whereas the DIAdem DataFinder delivers sophisticated data management and data mining functionality to the desktop, the new NI DataFinder Server Edition software extends the same technology to entire test groups and departments. Engineers can install the NI DataFinder Server Edition software on a server to give multiple client computers using DIAdem simultaneous access to collected test data, eliminating the need for groups or department to search through test files located across several machines. Using NI DataFinder Server Edition, engineers can easily share their test data within their groups or departments without redundancy or the use of complicated database queries. In addition, NI DataFinder Server Edition does not require any IT support to install or maintain the software, giving engineers data management and data mining technology without the maintenance challenges found in traditional IT-supported data management solutions.

Readers can view DIAdem demonstrations and get technical information on the new features in this latest version by visiting or use the form on this page to request a callback or more information.

06 December 2006

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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