Single-loop controllers offer improved connectivity

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Yokogawa's new YS1000 series is a new range of single-loop controllers that offers improved connectivity with supervisory control systems and incorporates new, enhanced features to help operators work more efficiently.

Single-loop controllers are control systems that integrate an operation unit into a control unit and perform process control operations such as temperature compensation and pressure compensation for a specific control loop consisting of a sensor, transmitter, controller and operator terminal carrying out the production control process in sequence. They are widely used as backups in distributed control systems for large processes and in the control of boilers and other utilities.

Control systems today must not only be highly reliable but must also help to increase engineering efficiency and facilitate the work of operators.

Yokogawa's established YS80/100 series single-loop controllers are also highly reliable and have been selling well for use in distributed control system (DCS) backup and utility control. Yokogawa has now added the YS1000 series to this product lineup to address user needs for better connectivity with supervisory control systems and improved access to process information.

Product features

While its predecessors used Yokogawa's own communication protocol for connection with PCs and supervisory control systems, the YS1000 series can be used with general-purpose communication protocols such as Ethernet and Modbus, thereby adding flexibility to system construction.

The YS1000's new colour LCD can display messages informing the plant operator that alarms have been triggered. The improved visual display of such information helps operators to reduce errors.

More compact than the preceding model, the YS1000 is just 25cm deep, and it weighs 1.6 kg, which is also lighter than the previous model. This allows a smaller control board, thereby decreasing the cost of system construction.

Major target markets include the operation and control of production and utilities in the petroleum, petrochemicals, chemicals, and other process industries.

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