New Measurement Computing multifunction DAQ boards

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New Measurement Computing multifunction DAQ boardsMeasurement Computing Corporation is introducing eight new multi-function data acquisition boards that are available in the UK from Adept Scientific. Both the PCI-2500 series and the USB-2500 series boards provide true multifunction high-speed performance with analogue inputs, waveform-capable analogue outputs, 24 high-speed digital I/O, four counter/quadrature inputs and two timer outputs.

A 16-bit/1MHz A/D converter on each of the products can scan any sequence of channels at 1us per channel. Except for the PCI-2511, which has a fixed analogue input range of +/-10V, the whole product line provides seven programmable input ranges from +/-100mV to +/-10V full scale. Four of the analogue inputs on the USB products can be configured as differential thermocouple inputs.

All eight of the boards in the PCI- and USB-2500 series feature an innovative low-latency control output mode, whereby any input-analogue, digital or counter can control an output-digital, analogue or timer, based on predefined limits. The outputs are controlled directly from the board and do not require PC intervention. This results in response times that are 'deterministic' and measured in microseconds, unlike 'non-deterministic' response times measured in milliseconds for PC-based control outputs. For example, a digital output can be programmed to be a logic 1 when an analogue input channel is above 5V and a logic zero when below 5V. Unlike other products that require PC software to make decisions, with typical, non-deterministic output rates of 1 to 10ms, the PCI- and USB-2500 series boards can respond to inputs in as fast as 2us - which is nearly 1000 times faster.

Bill Kennedy, Measurement Computing's vice president of marketing and sales, says: "This product line represents a tremendous value to our DAQ customers. The 2500 series coupled with our broad range of software offerings provides four new features:

  1. synchronous scan support for analogue inputs, digital inputs and counters up to 1MHz throughput;
  2. synchronous scan support for analogue outputs and digital outputs up to 1MHz throughput;
  3. high-speed digital input support up to 12MHz; and
  4. pattern recognition for the digital I/O.

"Our customers will appreciate the new features, added functionality, and the very affordable prices of these new products."

Measurement Computing is well known for its comprehensive range of high-quality, low-priced analogue I/O, digital I/O, GPIB, counter/timer and temperature logging hardware. Its full product range is supplied and supported in the UK by Adept Scientific, which has over 20 years' experience in specifying and supplying data acquisition products for a broad range of applications. Adept Scientific can also provide installation, configuration and implementation services as well as training.

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02 January 2007

Adept Scientific (Alfasoft Ltd)visit website
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