Parker 650 AC drives gain Profibus option

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Parker 650 AC drives gain Profibus optionParker SSD is introducing a Profibus option for its 650V series of AC drives. Designed to extend the functionality and performance of the 650V drives still further, the new Profibus options have been developed to allow the drives to be networked as decentralised peripherals (DP) in a wide range of variable-speed motor control applications, including the control of fans, pumps and conveyors.

The 650 and 650V series of AC drives are designed to help production and plant engineers minimise the time required for installing, configuring and operating drive units. The 650 and 650V are quick and easy to setup using standard program function blocks, with user-selectable, pre-programmed applications that allow the inputs, outputs and drive parameters to be automatically set. Pre-programmed options include basic speed control, manual/auto control, preset speeds, raise/lower and PID control, while a choice of inputs and outputs plus a digital relay output and a motor thermistor input enable the drives to be controlled from either 0-10V or 4-20mA analogue setpoints, or from up to eight user-configurable digital settings.

40 per cent smaller

Perhaps as importantly, the latest drives are extremely compact, being up to 40 per cent smaller than many competing units, according to Parker. They can be DIN rail or direct panel mounted and incorporate internal EMC filters as standard to eliminate the need for - and cost of - separate filters and additional earth connections.

The 650 and 650V series AC drives are available for use with single-phase 230V and three-phase 400V supplies, with power ratings of up to 2.2kW and 90kW constant torque (110kW fan rated), respectively. In addition, the drive units feature an overload protection of up to 150 per cent to enable them to handle applications where there is a high system start-up load, plus intelligent monitoring and diagnostics and an integral six-button keypad with a bright, backlit display that allows local control and shows the status of motors and drives; the control panel can be supplied as a demountable unit for remote operation.

Furthermore, the 650V also offers the option of an extremely high torque, sensorless vector algorithm and the flexibility of fully configurable function block programming to enable the unit to be used for sophisticated motor control applications.

All of the drives are CE marked (in accordance with the Low-Voltage Directive) and conform to the BS EN 50178 standard. In addition, they are c-UL/UL listed and backed by Parker's worldwide network of technical, applications and sales support offices and distributors.

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