High-speed linear actuators are belt-driven

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The new LEZ series actuators from Micromech have been designed for quick and accurate positioning and are available in lengths of up to 6m in moving or stationary timing belt versions. These fast actuators are based on an aluminium profile and have a repeatability of less or equal to +/-0.2mm and a limit and/or reference switch accuracy <0.1mm.

Models with a fixed timing belt have the motor mounted on the carriage, making them suitable for achieving maximum travel in a constricted space. Both the moving and fixed units are suited for spraying and coating applications.

The first two versions both provide a feed-per-revolution of 70mm, clearance-free feed with timing belt feed axis. The timing belt has a tooth pitch of 5mm and width of 25mm.

The LEZ6 has a moving toothed belt, a WS 3 bearing carriage 96 x 130 mm (L x W) and can carry loads of up to 24kg and achieve a feed maximum of 5m/s. The LEZ7 has a fixed timing belt and a maximum feed of 1.5m/s carrying loads of 24kg on two bearing carriages of the same size as above.

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