Roboguide robot simulation package saves time and cost

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Roboguide robot simulation package saves time and costRobot system integrators and end-users can now make significant reductions in design and programming time by using a new simulation package from Fanuc Robotics. Roboguide is a cost-effective package for engineers to design, prove and program robot systems either concurrently with new product designs or for making modifications to existing equipment and programs.

A Fanuc Robotics Virtual Robot Controller and programming capability operates within the 3D feature-rich simulation tool. Designers can choose from a wide range of drag-and-drop customisable objects such as conveyors or machine tools to simulate system layouts. Alternatively, CAD models of existing parts, fixtures and grippers can be imported in IGES format.

Enabling a complete virtual environment to be created, the package allows the user to program the robot using familiar Fanuc TP programming commands. In addition to recording mid-air tool locations, Roboguide can generate a robot trajectory along virtual objects such as moving across the face of a table, following an edge or contouring a curve. A virtual pendant ensures engineers are able to work with a familiar interface.

The virtual controller provides accurate positioning and path following, allowing cells to be designed and locations programmed even before a prototype has been produced. Provided cells are modelled correctly and programmed around clearly defined datum points, the transition time from virtual to real world for a robot cell can be dramatically reduced with cycle time accuracy within two per cent.

Roboguide offers a range of application-specific plug-ins to further aid the system design engineer. Fanuc PROcess software includes HandlingPRO, PalletPRO, WeldPRO and PaintPRO that provides application-specific commands and routines to speed up programming.

MotionPRO is a plug-in that provides optimisation of programme cycle time, allowing further time savings when commissioning systems. In addition, MotionPRO can be used to optimise existing programmes.

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