GasCheck CO2 sensors are low-cost, high-performance

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GasCheck CO2 sensors are low-cost, high-performanceEdinburgh Instruments is introducing an expanded range of low-cost, high-performance infrared carbon dioxide sensors. Designated the GasCheck family of products, the sensors feature high accuracy, long-term stability, negligible cross-sensitivity, small size and low power requirements.

The GasCheck sensors are available in three ranges: 0-3000 ppm, 0-3 per cent and 0-10 per cent by volume, with a 0-1V non-linear output. A linearisation board can be added as an option to give linear 4-20mA output. Some models are available with the option of a 'self referencing' facility that alerts users to check calibration parameters. This option offers self-referencing against source variation, warning when calibration may be necessary. GasCheck sensors are available with a diffusion-aspirated sensor head as an alternative to the standard pumped-aspiration format.

Operating temperature is 0-45 degrees C with a power consumption of 0.9W and output signal of 0-1V (non linear), 4-20mA (linear version).

These innovative products have many uses, with applications including measurement of CO2 in biological incubators, personal safety, gas combustion and delivery, process control, horticulture, plant physiology, heating and ventilating, and medical/veterinary applications.

29 December 2006

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