Hydraulic damper has screwdriver adjustment

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Ace Controls International is extending its range of hydraulic dampers with the addition of model HB-12 that has a simple screwdriver damping adjustment.

This new - and now smallest - hydraulic damper has a 12mm diameter and stroke lengths between 10 to 80mm. Unlike the rest of the HB range, the damping force can be easily adjusted using a screwdriver within the body end stud thread. Other models require adjustment of the piston rod when fully extended or compressed.

Six models now complete the line-up: the HB-12, 15, 22, 28, 40 and 70, and stroke lengths range from 10mm all the way up to 800mm.

All Ace hydraulic dampers are maintenance free, self-contained, sealed units. They provide a fully adjustable controlled feed rate when a load is applied to them. They can be specified to control the velocity for either the out stroke, in stroke or in both directions. Typical applications include machine guards and lids, fire safety flaps and doors, damping oscillations of suspended loads, smoke and roof vents and much more.

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