Larox LPP80 peristaltic pump is more reliable

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Larox Flowsys is launching the Larox LPP80 peristaltic pump. Matti Riihimäki of Larox Flowsys Pump Products says: "The purpose of the LPP80 product development was to meet demands for a high-volume pump designed for heavy industrial duties as required in most mineral processing and metallurgical applications. The process has resulted in a peristaltic pump with exceptional performance and reliability".

The Larox LPP pumps incorporate a patented rolling design, which is claimed to be the first real change in the industry in over 30 years. This advanced design eliminates friction, maximises hose life and lowers energy consumption. The roller is mounted on a crankshaft creating eccentric rotation during the 360-degree operating cycle. Compared to conventional peristaltic pumps, the LPP pumps generate 100 per cent more flow per compression. This significant benefit cannot be overstated.

Highly robust and reliable, these pumps can handle abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallising media and slurries with high solid content. The new LPP80 pump has a flow capacity of up to 40m3/h and a maximum operating pressure of 7.5 bar. Larox LPP peristaltic pumps are equipped with in-line pipe connections; also offered are an optional hose leak detection unit and a patented adjustment mechanism that senses hose wear when compression is readjusted. This helps to maximise hose lifetime and minimise the risk of over-compression. The compression adjustment is based on measuring the compression force making readjustment easier.

Technical features:

  • Only the hose is in contact with the medium
  • No gland water or packing
  • Full vacuum capability
  • No backward flow
  • 360-degree operating cycle
  • In-line pipe connection

Process benefits:

  • No wear and corrosion
  • Dry-run capability
  • Self-priming
  • Exact flow per revolution
  • Extended hose life
  • No overheating
  • Lower operating costs

Product Specifications:

  • Flow capacity: up to 40m3/h
  • Maximum operating pressure: 7.5bar
  • Standard drive unit: helical bevel geared motor
  • Auxiliaries: pressure transmitter with display, revolution detector, hose leak detector, connector hoses, connector flange for pressure transmitter.
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