Standard and customised precision ground shafting

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An extensive range of precision and standard centreless ground shafting is now available from mechanical drive components specialist Ondrives Ltd.

The precision centreless 303 stainless steel ground shafting is manufactured to h6 tolerance with diameters available from 2.992mm up to 29.992mm as standard. Most are available in standard lengths ranging from 300mm up to 1000mm maximum. Specials can be machined upon receipt of customers' drawings, with higher surface finishes, tighter straightness and diameter tolerances all available if required.

The unhardened steel centreless version is available in diameters ranging from 2.00mm to 30.00mm and all are available in a choice of three different lengths: 333mm, 1m and 3m.

These shafts are suitable for hardening, and this can be achieved easily: heat slowly to 760–800degC, austenise until the temperature is uniform and then quench into well-agitated water. The quench hardness is 65-68 Hrc (approximately) and needs tempering immediately after hardening, preferably before the tool reaches room temperature. Temper for a minimum of one hour at temperatures between 180-350degC, dependent upon the final hardness required.

Specials are also available for this shaft. Contact Ondrives for a free quotation.

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