Ondrives offers oilite bushes, bars and plates

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Oilite bushes are one of the singular most popular products sold by precision engineered components specialist, Ondrives Ltd. Plain oilite bushes are available as standard in both metric and imperial dimensions and start from bore size 2-60mm and 0.1875-1.000inch. They are self-lubricated, oil-impregnated bronze, designed to be fitted in H7 housings.

Flanged oilite bushes are also popular, with bores ranging from 2-50mm and 0.1875-1.000inch, designed to fit an H7 housing and to run on an f7 shaft.

All metric (ISO) bushes are manufactured to ISO 2795 tolerance, with other European standards available on request. The standard range of bushes are impregnated with a highly refined mineral oil to ISO VG (SAE 30) having a high viscosity index and containing anti-oxidant, anti-rust and defoamant additives. A replenishment of oil should be carried out after 1000 hours of use or, alternatively, yearly. The standard operating range is -9degC to +70degC.

Other products in the oilite range include solid bars and plates. The bars are available with diameters ranging from 6.30-41.20mm as standard in lengths ranging from 31.80-108.00mm. The plates are also solid sintered bronze and are available in four different sizes as standard.

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