Compact linear slides in a choice of configurations

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Four-point-contact and two-row-raceway style compact linear slides are just two of the many linear motion slides offered by precision engineered components specialist Ondrives Ltd.

They are a precision units offered in five different sizes and lengths ranging from 100mm at the smallest end up to 3000mm on some sizes. There is a range of different carriages to choose from in order to aid the customer's selection process, and these range form a flanged short or long carriage mounting from the lower side, to a flange style complete with tapped holes, and a block design without the flange but encompassing tapped holes where appropriate.

As standard, the slides and carriages are made from hardened carbon steel with the end plates in synthetic resin, the end seals made of rubber and the grease nipples in brass, but sizes 15-30 are also available in stainless steel.

The four-point-contact style offers high load capacities with a maximum speed of 3m/s and maximum operating temperature of 100degC continuous.

Special requests can also be taken for butt-joining rails, matched sets, higher accuracy models, under seals, end seals, scrapers, bellows and preloading.

It is recommended that customers re-grease every six months under general use and every three months when in daily use. The carriages and tracks are produced to suit each individual set, so it is important that customers order the correct number of carriages required per track.

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