Wide range of levelling and anti-vibration machine mounts

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Ondrives Ltd is offering a comprehensive range of machine mounts suitable for levelling, shock and vibration isolation, as well as levelling screw supports.

Isomounts are designed for the efficient and economic installation of a wide range of machines without the need for bolting down. They absorb both shock and vibration within the machine and protect machines from external disturbances. Height adjustment is achieved by a levelling screw passing through the machine foot into the tapped bush in the steel cover. This screw levels off the steel carrier plate vulcanised onto the specially designed nitrile rubber base.

They are particularly suitable for applications where the following are used: plastic and rubber injection moulding machines, rubber and plastic processing machines; certain machine tools, including vertical broaches, drilling machines, gear cutters, measuring and inspection machines, impact machinery including power presses, diesel generators, compressors, pump sets and general process machinery.

Jackmounts are machine mounts that offer simple and effective vibration damping for machines suited to levelling screw support. They have excellent floor contact and high-friction grip with variants suitable for a wide range of applications such as machines needing a stable damped support - such as machine tools and textile printing machines. It is important to remember not to use Jackmounts under power presses or other impact machinery, but to use Isomounts instead.

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