UtiliTrak linear guideway offers higher performance

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UtiliTrak linear guideway offers higher performanceWhen a product is introduced as being higher precision it inevitably comes at a premium price. The latest introduction from HepcoMotion, however, is the exception that proves the rule. UtiliTrak is not only a better quality linear guideway system than its predecessor, it is also easier to install and therefore a product that will benefit a wide range of applications.

The higher precision has been achieved by the replacement of the original composite rail with a one-piece carbon steel rail that is both hardened and ground to provide the internal vee running surface. The economies of manufacture, however, have enabled this product to be highly competitively priced and this benefit is complemented by several new features.

The first is a choice of carriage plates. In addition to the standard three-wheeled version, four- and five-wheeled carriage plates are also available allowing higher loads to be accommodated. This increased load-carrying capability requires no additional design space, as the carriage plate is simply longer, not wider. UtiliTrak therefore continues to be a highly compact system, despite its greater capacity.

Easy to install

UtiliTrak is also very quick to install especially when two systems are used in parallel. Thanks to the option of having one slide with DualVee guide wheels and the other with MadeWell crown rollers, a slave side is created, allowing the instant compensation for any mounting error; the wheels and rollers are available with shields or seals for added protection in harsh environments.

Available ex-stock, UtiliTrak is offered in two series. The SW series has steel carriage wheels running on a hardened bearing steel rails and is designed for higher loads and applications that call for smooth operation to Ra 0.8um. The system can carry loads up to 16,800N at speeds of up to 8m/s with acceleration to 5G.

For lighter duty applications where smooth running is not so critical, HepcoMotion is also introducing the even more economical PW series with chemical-resistant, polymer wheels overmoulded on a stainless steel bearing running on an anodised aluminium rail. Wiper caps are built-in at each end of the carriage to clear debris from the track surface. It is suitable for loads up to 311N and speeds up to 1.5m/s with 3G acceleration.

Adjustable preload

Eccentric and concentric studs allow customers to adjust the preload to suit the application. Large thread diameters accommodating high installation torques ensure the adjusted pre-load is maintained and immune from vibration. UtiliTrak rails are available in single-piece lengths up to 3.6m that can be butt-jointed for longer length systems.

Where corrosion resistance is critical, UtiliTrak is also available with a stainless steel composite rail and stainless steel DualVee wheels with sealed bearings for high load requirements.

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