Pneumatic angular grippers in two new sizes

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Schunk's SWG range of pneumatic angular grippers is being enhanced with the addition of two more sizes, 10 and 12. The small dimensions, in conjunction with compact sensors, allow high performance and multiple application possibilities. The lateral air connection, and also the optical sensors that are attached at the side of the housing, allow gripper arrangements in stacks. This considerably reduces the space requirements for mounting the units.

The SWG angular grippers offer an opening angle of 15degrees and are typically used in assembly automation. The grippers are equipped with a double-acting pneumatic drive and are capable of achieving a high moment of 0.005-0.015 Nm. The kinematics ensure a constant force and synchronised gripping. The SWG grippers include a gripping force maintenance option by virtue of a spring, which, in case of pressure loss, holds the workpiece safely. The new ONS optical sensor ensures fast and reliable monitoring of the miniature angular grippers.

Product features

  • Light,compact design
  • Base jaws for adapting workpiece-specific gripper fingers
  • Can be assembled in stacked arrangement to reduce interference contours

Basic technical data

  • Function principle: positive control lever transmission
  • Actuation: pneumatic, via filtered compressed air (10um), dry or lubricated
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +90degC
  • Sensors: monitoring via ONS optical sensors, circuit time 1ms
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