Heason introduces Nanomotion's DuraMotor servo motor

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Heason introduces Nanomotion's DuraMotor servo motorNanomotion's new DuraMotor series ceramic servomotors are said to provide superior levels of durability for sub-micron linear and rotary positioning applications in high-vacuum, clean room and non-magnetic environments, and for demanding high-duty/high-speed move-and-settle motion profiles.

Based upon Nanomotion's standing wave inverse piezoelectric effect technology, the DuraMotor benefits from new materials and manufacturing techniques for the motor tip and drive strip to provide exceptionally low wear characteristics and long-life capability. The new range will suit demanding production and test applications in semiconductors, fibre optics, photonics, electronics, MEMS, biomedical and cutting-edge research.

Available in the UK from Heason Technologies, the new DuraMotor series includes four versions with 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-element motors in a choice of configurations covering standard, vacuum, ultra-high-vacuum, non-magnetic and combinations of vacuum plus non-magnetic. The range is identical to Nanomotion's HR series, with the 8-element version producing a static holding force of 28N and measuring just 41.6 x 46.6 x 23.8mm (l x w x h) with a mass of only 120g.

Nanomotion's ceramic servomotors provide an effectively unlimited travel range, a nanometre level resolution and speeds ranging from 1um to 250mm per second with exceptional smoothness, fast settling times and excellent in-position stability. Depending upon the loading and inertial requirements of the application, single or multiple motors transmit force onto a drive strip that is fixed to linear or rotary stage mechanics. The motors also provide a built-in braking and holding capability and may be used with cross-roller, linear motion guide or air bearing precision positioning stages.

An encoder or other precision feedback device is required for servo positioning applications, although ceramic motors may be used in open-loop mode for standard actuator-type applications. Dedicated 20kHz servo drives can be supplied from Nanomotion; Heason also offers other compatible drives, as well as a range of motion controllers.

The extremely compact motor design lends itself to customised applications where envelope space is irregular or limited. Compared with traditional drive technologies, ceramic servo motors bring advantages in size, simplicity, force-per-volume, dynamic performance and cost.

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