Mitsubishi launches six new E1000 mid-range HMIs

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Mitsubishi launches six new E1000 mid-range HMIsMitsubishi Electric is completing the second-stage roll-out of its E1000 HMIs (human machine interfaces) with the launch of six new units: the E1032, E1041, E1043, E1060, E1061 and E1063. These represent the mid-range HMIs, complementing the four fully-featured variants introduced in 2006. Entry-level models will make up the third-stage roll-out and complete the programme.

The new units complement the existing E Series HMIs, which Mitsubishi will be fully supporting for at least five years, and therefore broaden the user choice within the range.

Mitsubishi E1000 Series HMIs are said to pre-empt users' increasing demands for detailed yet easily intelligible information on the control processes of their automated plant and machinery. With the complexity of modern machinery, local plant operators often require data or information in several different formats and in real-time. The E Series graphic capabilities allow data to be presented as part of schematic diagrams, summary tables or overlaid onto photographs of the actual machines.

Communication and integration

These new HMIs offer a wide choice of connectivity, including RS232, RS485/422 and Ethernet, so they can be integrated with high-level supervisory control systems as well as providing local capabilities on the shop floor.

Screen sizes on the new HMIs range from 3.5 to 5.7in. Models are available with monochrome, greyscale or colour outputs. Colour is often best for bringing clarity to complex presentations and for highlighting critical functions.

Significantly, there is a choice throughout the range of function key or touchscreen operation.

IP66 sealing means the HMIs can be deployed in humid, wet, dusty and other arduous environments. Furthermore, the styling will make the HMIs popular for applications where they form part of a front-end control station in which aesthetics are important.

All E1000s have a 64MB RAM central processor unit (CPU) and use the Windows CE .Net 4.2 operating systems and E Designer v7.2 programming. All include a USB host for mouse (or other pointing device) connection and are supplied in rugged aluminium housings, capable of withstanding the rigours of life in a production environment.

05 March 2007

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.visit website
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