EPLAN Electric P8 unveiled at Machine Building show

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EPLAN Electric P8 is being shown to the trade public for the first time at Machine Building 2007. With optional graphical and object orientation, sophisticated platform technology and complete data transfer from EPLAN 5 and 21, EPLAN Electric P8 promises to bring major benefits to the world of electrical engineering.

New variant technology helps to reduce design times significantly and eliminate time-consuming repetitive tasks. All component circuit diagrams may be created in macro form, from which variants may be generated and saved. Last minute amendments may be reliably integrated by simply selecting the suitable variant.

In the past, CAE system users were forced to choose between graphical or object orientation; EPLAN Electric P8 will support both. P8 also supports working across networks at different sites and any number of users may work on a project simultaneously. The software is also able to supply circuit diagrams in all languages. Offering simple data exchange, every data record may be transferred to the Excel editor, even by operators with no programming experience.

Using uniform interfaces such as ODBC, XML or Excel, data from upstream processes is readily transferred and processed with P8, which not only speeds up work operations but also improves the quality of design and production processe', P8 not only supports complete data transfer from EPLAN 5 and EPLAN 21, but also horizontal and vertical extensions.

14 February 2007

EPLAN Software & Servicesvisit website
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