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High loads and demanding duty cycles can compromise the operating efficiency and life of many linear motion systems. But the new SBD sealed belt drives from HepcoMotion have been designed for this type of application. High-performance yet cost-competitive, the SBD units are compact and exceptionally clean. The SBD also introduces a new method of sealing that is claimed to be far superior to that of alternative products on the market.

Originally launched at MACH 2006, and now being shown at Machine Building 2007, the SBD incorporates a flush metal cover strip that runs the entire length of the high-strength aluminium beam housing the linear guide and belt. This prevents the ingress of dirt and debris into the system.

Many of its competitors simply recess the belt into a groove within the body, but this does not provide anywhere near the same level of protection as the SBD design.

Standard and clean-room variants

SBD not only satisfies industry's need for an efficiently sealed system that is immune to its environment, but also provides a system that is eminently suited to clean-room conditions. SBD is therefore offered in two versions: standard for general engineering use and a clean-room alternative that is certified by the Fraunhofer Institute to confirm its compatibility.

The clean-room version differs only slightly in its sealing method, plus it contains a greater proportion of stainless steel components and has extraction ports in the beam. This feature enables the customer to add a partial vacuum system to remove any debris from inside the unit before it becomes airborne.

The SBD is a development of HepcoMotion's proven DLS driven linear system. Although there is some degree of crossover, the SBD is a much more substantial product and is therefore targeted at applications where long life and minimal maintenance are paramount considerations. It provides all the characteristics expected from a quality, high-end HepcoMotion linear system.

Choice of widths

SBD is available in two beam widths, 80 and 100mm, and in single beam lengths up to 6m; longer units can be easily assembled by joining shorter units together. The mounting carriage plate is removable for customising. It also incorporates an integral switch cam that can be mounted for left- or right-hand activation.

Units are suitable for high-speed operation, generally up to 4m/s, and are driven by a polyurethane steel-reinforced toothed belt. Depending on the width of the beam, the belt is either 32 or 50mm wide. Its tension is factory set but adjustments can easily be made via tensioning screws located externally on the idle end box. The drive end box is available with either an output shaft or a bored drive pulley for applications that require greater mounting compactness.

The linear guide featured in the SBD is of a recirculating type from the HepcoMotion LBG caged and silent range, which combines both higher loads with quiet and smooth movement. SBD is provided as standard with relubrication points and is designed for easy motor mounting. It is fully compatible with the HepcoMotion MCS machine construction system, enabling it to be incorporated into any bespoke automation system or machine.

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