CS Carrier system transports loads of up to 1500kg

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CS Carrier system transports loads of up to 1500kgEWAB Engineering has developed the CS Carrier system in which the carriers feature large guide rollers that not only enable loads of up to 1500kg to be transported, but can even be rolled along the floor independently of the system.

EWAB systems are utilised in production and assembly processes within the automotive industry, large supplier industries and other manufacturers of consumer and mass-produced goods. The company says there is almost nothing its carrier systems cannot handle. Whether used in industrial assembly or production lines, they safely convey even heavyweight workpieces to their intended destination.

In the case of CS carrier systems, the weight of the goods to be transported is distributed on side rollers. This means that even heavy loads and asymmetrical centres of gravity do not pose a problem.

Support rollers ensure that the workpiece carrier is always stable, which greatly enhances transport security. Drive is by means of friction in relation to the chain, where a spring-mounted attachment ensures continuity of flow. Because the system is not bound by predetermined timing, the availability of an assembly or production line is greatly increased.

Optional data carrier

In order to increase flexibility, workpiece carriers can be equipped with a data carrier. This transforms the material flow system into an information flow system that can be used to trace workpiece data. Further analyses are also possible (eg machine data entry (MDE), OEE evaluation, etc).

All EWAB material flow systems are modular in design. On the one hand ESAB uses its own tried-and-tested standard components, such as tracks, curves and deflectors, as well as controller concepts. On the other hand, the company's specialists do all in their power to meet individual requirements, whether in relation to layout, workpiece carriers, positioning or flexibility of material flow.

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