Low-cost modular guarding can be installed by users

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Low-cost modular guarding can be installed by usersManufacturing companies and suppliers of factory automation are under increasing pressure to cut costs, but this must be achieved without compromising safety. Perimeter guarding of small assembly cells, larger robotic cells and complete production lines is one area where it is easy to compare costs between suppliers of systems that are, on the face of it, very similar. However, the purchase price of the components should not be considered in isolation, as the installation costs will vary considerably, depending on the detailed design of the components and fasteners, and whether the installation is carried out by the buyer or supplier.

One of the major advantages of the Satech modular perimeter guarding system is that it is extremely quick and easy to install. For customers that choose to have it installed by Procter Machinery Guarding, the UK supplier, that equates to a faster installation that costs less. On the other hand, Satech guarding is truly viable as a DIY (do-it-yourself) guarding system that can be installed by any competent maintenance department, team of fitters or subcontractors at a rate of around 50 metres per day. This can be a very economical way of installing perimeter guarding, either on new projects or upgrades.

Comprehensive range

The Satech guarding system comprises a comprehensive range of panels, posts, doors, bracketry and accessories. Moreover, there are four individual specifications designed to suit different applications and budgets, so customers only have to pay for what they need. And to suit each post and panel specification there is a comprehensive choice of hinged, sliding, and rise and fall access gates to fulfil every machine access requirement. All of the Satech components are fully compliant with the latest standards, and they are manufactured to a consistently high quality.

From the customer's guard layout, Procter will provide a detailed CAD drawing with plan and 3D views, a full list of all guard components and a fixed-price quotation for the supply and delivery of all parts. A separate price is provided for installation if requested.

Alongside the standard guarding components, Procter Machinery Guarding designs, manufactures and installs bespoke guards. If need be, Procter can therefore supply Satech guards for the majority of the application and bespoke guarding for any areas that are unusually awkward. Plus the company can supply and install light curtains, interlock switches, safety mats and other associated equipment to meet the customer's requirements.

Follow the link to find out more about the Satech perimeter machine guarding system, email or telephone +44 (0)2920 882222. Alternatively, just send a layout of your perimeter guarding requirement and Procter will send a 3D visualisation and fixed-price quotation by return.

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