Squirrel data loggers get built-in Ethernet for free

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Grant Instruments is enhancing its Squirrel SQ2020 and SQ2040 high-performance portable data loggers with built-in Ethernet, at no extra cost to the customer. This enhancement provides users with an out-of-the-box 'network ready' data acquisition product boasting faster implementation, more reliable system networking and remote data transmission.

With twin processors, multiple 24-bit analogue-to-digital converters, eight to 32 universal channels and eight event inputs, plus USB and RS232 (Wi-Fi and GSM) connectivity, the Squirrel SQ2020 and SQ2040 ranges provide the flexibility to be used as portable, standalone loggers or as PC-linked data acquisition systems. Target applications include industrial testing and research - such as vehicle testing or engine monitoring - scientific and environmental research, and quality assurance.

High-specification loggers

The new Squirrel SQ2020 and SQ2040 high-precision (0.05 per cent of reading and 0.025 per cent of range) data loggers can store up to 1.8million readings in the onboard memory - additional storage is available via a removable Multimedia (MMC) or SD card. The units also feature up to 16 calculated/derived channels and four alarm outputs for triggering external devices. They are powered from internal cells, an external power supply or via the USB connection.

Like all Squirrel loggers, the SQ2020 and SQ2040 series feature an intuitive graphical display and are very easy to configure; they connect to virtually any sensor input. The loggers are able to fulfil many data logging needs, including more demanding applications requiring up to 100 readings per second on four channels (Squirrel SQ2040-4F16).

Software included

SquirrelView set-up and download software for a PC is provided as part of the system to enable users to export stored data to a chosen PC-based application. The Squirrel SQ2020 and SQ2040 are compatible with Grant's comprehensive range of temperature probes and with commercially available sensors for measuring a variety of physical parameters.

The Grant data acquisition product range extends from high-specification, portable data logging systems (Squirrel family) through to fully integrated custom-configurable acquisition and control systems (dataTaker family). All products come with a comprehensive warranty. OEM versions of most products are available on request.

22 March 2007

Grant Instruments (Cambridge)visit website
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