Ethernet Powerlink is compatible with Gigabit Ethernet

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According to B&R, Gigabit Ethernet is ten times faster than all other real-time Ethernet options being advertised today. Moreover, Ethernet Powerlink provides the platform for this innovation as a completely open system (totally software-based); simply exchange the hardware platform when porting from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet. Ethernet Powerlink, as such, is unaffected. For this reason, Ethernet Powerlink is 100 per cent compatible and offers long-term investment security.

Gigabit Ethernet is ten times faster than Fast Ethernet, and this speed can be fully utilised. Once again, this helps to keep Powerlink ahead and provides a platform today for high-performance applications in the future.

The significant performance advantage can also be used with the Ethernet Powerlink Safety system because the increased data transfer rate is already taken into consideration in the basic version of the safety protocol.

02 November 2006

B&R Industrial Automation Ltdvisit website
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