Precision Polyclutch clutches have very low static friction

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Precision Polyclutch clutches have very low static frictionThe process used by Huco Dynatork to manufacture its 'stiction-free' Polyclutch clutches ensures the components' static friction is lower than its dynamic friction. This brings important performance benefits: when employed in mechanisms handling paper, film, wire or thread, for example, Polyclutches maintains constant tension with no sudden shocks that would damage the product.

Similarly this new addition to the Huco Dynatork range ensures smooth and accurate starting and stopping of indexing systems and linear actuators. The are also suitable for providing slip at the end of stroke.

For protection during overload, Polyclutches provide repeatable cushioned torque, the accuracy of which also makes the components suitable for torque control on capping machines, automatic screw driving and valve control. They additionally work well as part of a friction hinge mechanism where smooth movement of lids, doors, screens and covers is required.

The Polyclutch series complements Huco Dynatork's established Vari-Tork torque limiters with the new range meeting the need for higher torques. Constant torque is assured by a series of interleaved friction discs with soft springs that maintain pressure on the friction members.

A wide choice of types, torques and configurations is available to suit a broad variety of applications. The complete range comprises continuous slip mechanical clutches, pneumatic slip clutches and one-way clutches. All of the mechanical slip clutches are manufactured to provide a long operating life of typically over 30million cycles.

Notable options in the range include the Polyclutch Slip-Ease mechanical slip clutch that uses an axial-loaded multi-plate design for applications where space is at a premium and low backlash is required. Polyclutch Slip-Aire is an air-actuated version of the mechanical Polyclutch slip clutch. It is suitable for servo mechanisms and is able to transmit higher torques than comparably sized mechanical slip clutches.

30 March 2007

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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