Micromech offers compact Siemens 1FT7 servo motors

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Micromech is now offering the new Siemens compact 1FT7 servo motors for high-performance applications in production machinery and demanding mechanical handling equipment. The servo motor series is characterised by its high dynamic response and its compact design.

With this new servo motor, even the self-cooled version can withstand an overload of four times the standstill torque, M0, throughout the speed range that goes up to a useful 6000rpm. In field weakening mode, it can be additionally expanded with Siemens Sinamics S120 series inverters. Productivity is therefore increased, as machines can be used over an expanded load range.

A newly developed coupling protects the incremental encoders against shock loads on the motor shaft, leading to an increased service life for the encoder and reduced machine downtime. The cross-section of the new motors also enables simple installation, even from the rear, while a rotatable quick-connector simplifies connection and cable laying in all installation positions. This helps to reduce both installation and service times.

One-third shorter

Compared to its predecessor, the successful series 1FT6, the length of the 1FT7 has been reduced by one-third. However, both models are compatible with regard to installation, connections and characteristic curves, so there is no problem with upgrading to the 1FT7.

The new motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors with a visually attractive design and proven technology that delivers true running and positional accuracy. On account of having minimal ripple and torque oscillations, the motors can achieve high surface quality on the workpiece when used in machine tool applications. They are optimised for use in the Siemens fully digital drive and control systems.

This first 1FT7 motors are self-cooled with shaft heights ranging from 48-100mm, a rated speed of 1500-6000rpm, rated power of 0.85-10.5kW and static torque of 3-70Nm.

Typical fields of application include: high-performance motion control and positioning for production machines such as packaging machines, textile machines, foil drawing plants and printing presses; material handling; manipulating devices; and feed drives in high-performance machine tools.

Micromech is a Siemens Automation and Drives technology partner.

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