MeshNetics presents ZigBee-Ethernet gateway

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MeshNetics, an award-winning ZigBee technology provider, unveiled its new ZigBee/Ethernet gateway at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA, USA, on 4 April 2007. The compact weatherproof gateway serves as a bridge between ZigBee-based wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and IP-based enterprise networks.

Mr Vasiliy Suvorov, CEO of MeshNetics, commented: "We believe that the ultimate value of wireless sensor networks lies in the data collected from sensors. Our new ZigBee/Ethernet gateway helps transfer data over the IP network, making it readily available to LAN users. The gateway can also be used to connect disparate ZigBee networks via a wired line, thus extending the overall coverage. The ZigBee/Ethernet gateway is another important step in MeshNetics' mission to be the last mile of extended internet."

At the heart of the ZigBee/Ethernet Gateway is the ZigBit 802.15.4/ZigBee module, based on the latest Atmel chipset, which includes the popular ATmega 1281 MCU and the new Atmel AT86RF230 RF transceiver. The AT86RF230 boasts -101dBm of Rx sensitivity and up to +3dBm of Tx power. This combination, called the 'link budget', is related to its range of operation. The difference in link budget – just 9 dBm – nearly triples its range. Thanks to its outperforming link budget, the AT86RF230's range is almost three times that of its competitors. The ZigBit module packs these impressive characteristics into less than a half square inch of space.

As a provider of both hardware and software, MeshNetics bundles comprehensive commissioning tools with the ZigBit Ethernet Gateway. Users can easily set up the gateway and start managing the WSN via Ethernet. The WSN and IP network management is done using the set of AT-Commands. The gateway can also double as a WSN coordinator or router. Each ZigBee/Ethernet Gateway includes accessories, software and documentation.

The ZigBee/Ethernet gateway is scheduled to be available commercially in the third quarter of 2007.

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