Mini-Smart torque sensor includes wireless data transmission

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Kistler Instruments' Mini-Smart torque sensor type 4502 uses strain gauge technology, integrated signal conditioning and non-contact FM data transmission to provide low-cost, accurate torque measurement. An extensive choice of models covers torques from 0.5-1000Nm with an overload capability of 150 per cent of the rated torque. This makes the 4502 sensor useful for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications.

The sensors are suitable for use at nominal speeds from 7000-12,000rpm, depending on the measuring range. The dynamic range is 1kHz with 3kHz available as an option. Output is a +/-5V DC signal that is electrically isolated from the supply and measuring signal, and the power supply required is 11-26V DC.

A choice of input and output shaft couplings and an angular position output signal (one pulse per degree) may be specified. The Mini-Smart torque sensor with rotating measuring shaft is suitable for dynamic detection of starting torque, breakaway torque for bolt or screwdriver operations, and quality assurance monitoring in production and laboratory environments.

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