End-of-arm plier tooling can be readily customised

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SAS Automation is enhancing its get a grip! parts/sprue plier product line with an improved GRZ 20-16 that benefits from removable screws. This new GRZ 20-16 with removable screws offers production plants the ability to interchange the existing jaws for various size jaws. The challenge to customize the application of a parts/sprue plier led to the development of the GRZ 20-16 with removable screws.

This improved robot end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) provides the ability to easily interchange and configure the jaw sizes to adapt to various gripping requirements. Processors will appreciate the ability to customise their EOAT with this new tool.

Richard Petz, general manager for SAS Automation, says: "The availability of modular components for processors to build their own tooling has enjoyed real breakthroughs. This means substantial savings for those who want to customise their own tooling instead of having it built specially for them, at a higher cost. Only SAS Automation specialises in tooling for any robot and any part. Now, we take that a step further by providing components for processors to add custom benefits on the shop floor."

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