SKF LLR linear motion guides offer precision and long life

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SKF LLR linear motion guides offer precision and long lifeSKF's LLR range of linear motion guides are said to minimise friction and maintenance costs significantly, while maintaining repeatability and precision under heavy loads. They also provide high torsional stiffness and maximum stroke lengths of 6m for applications where precision and smooth motion is vital - such as in factory automation, laboratory equipment and materials handling.

The LLR linear guide carriages can incorporate composite inserts that act as lubrication reservoirs, extending component service life and eliminating the need for frequent lubrication and costly maintenance. Furthermore, the carriages feature optimised ball recirculation geometry and special plastic ball separators that reduce friction and vibration still further, providing high-speed operation that is almost silent.

SKF says the LLR linear motion guides are able to withstand far heavier loads than traditional guides, while maintaining high levels of precision and repeatability at all times. This is achieved by the profile configuration between carriage and rail that provides structural rigidity and motion stability. Torsional stiffness prevents rail misalignment and enhances the contact points with the ball for greater smoothness of movement and a long, low-maintenance service life.

The modular LLR profile rail guides offer a high degree of versatility and efficiency, with carriages providing a static bearing capacity of 7.8-128.5kN and a dynamic capacity of 6.8-90kN. Eight types of carriage are available in five different sizes, with rail widths ranging from 15-45mm and system heights from 24-70mm.

Standardised rails are available with or without cover seals, enabling interchangeability for all carriage versions. Ready to install, the LLR linear motion guides can be customised to meet the most demanding application requirements, with complementary product consumables - such as external scraper seals - being readily available.

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