PAH450 half-brick DC/DC converters deliver 450W

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In response to customer demand for smaller and more cost-effective power sources, Lambda is introducing its innovative new range of PAH450 DC/DC converters that deliver a full 450W of output power from an industry-standard low-profile half-brick package. In many applications, these compact and economically-priced units can replace full-brick converters, resulting in substantial space and cost savings.

With prices only slightly above those of their 350W counterparts, Lambda's new PAH450 converters are well suited to applications such as supplies for power amplifiers in cellular telephone base stations. Designed for operation from nominal 48V inputs, the converters are available with either 28V or 48V outputs.

PAH450 converters feature baseplate cooling and can deliver full output power with no derating over a baseplate temperature range of -40 to +100degC. An optional heatsink is available to provide enhanced thermal management in particularly demanding applications.

High efficiency

In line with the existing 350W devices in the PAH range, the new PAH450 models feature high conversion efficiency, which reduces system heating, and constant switching frequency to simplify filtering. The output voltage is adjustable over a small range to allow an exact match to the requirements of the application, and remote sensing is supported, along with remote on/off control.

As standard, PAH-series converters from Lambda incorporate constant-current overload protection with auto-recovery, together with manually reset over-voltage protection.

Designed for convenient through-hole mounting, PAH converters comply fully with the requirements of EN 60950-1 and its equivalents. All models in the range are backed by a two-year warranty.

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