Aries all-digital drives now accept resolver feedback

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Aries all-digital drives now accept resolver feedbackParker Electromechanical is enhancing its highly successful Aries family of low-cost, all-digital servo drives with the addition of resolver feedback support. This further increases the versatility of the Aries drive platform, enabling users to integrate the drives with motors having resolver, quadrature encoder or smart encoder feedback.

The effect of this new capability is to extend the application range for the Aries platform into those calling for motor/drive packages that are resistant to the effects of temperature, humidity, dust, vibration and shock. This enhanced robustness results from the fact that resolvers have no electronic circuitry and are therefore extremely durable.

Parker EMD's robust and cost-effective Aries drives are available in six power levels, with continuous ratings from 100W to 2.0kW. All models are designed to operate from 120/240V AC supplies and are offered with optional 120/240V keep-alive circuitry. This wide choice of models allows users to match the size of drive to the requirements of their application, so that they pay only for the performance required.

Accepting a +/-10V analogue command input for the control of torque or velocity, step-and-direction versions are also available to permit the drives to be used in place of stepper systems and in applications where a step-and-direction command interface already exists.

Automatic setup is available when the Aries drives are used with Parker Smart Encoder motors. However, the open architecture of the drives means that they can also be used with almost any modern brushless rotary or linear servomotor, and with most types of motion controller.

Aries drives are supplied with the feature-packed Aries Support Tool (AST) software package. The AST program provides an intuitive configuration wizard, diagnostic screens, graphical notch filter and servo-loop tuning utilities, plus an operating system download tool. The AST package is provided free of charge and may also be downloaded from the Parker Electromechanical website.

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