Parker introduces SensoControl OilTankController (SCOTC)

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Parker introduces SensoControl OilTankController (SCOTC)Parker Hannifin is introducing an innovative monitoring system for use with hydraulic and lubricating oil tanks. Called the SensoControl OilTankController (SCOTC), it is believed to be the first product of its kind to offer multiple sensing and monitoring options in a single, compact device that is quick and simple to install, use and maintain, and is available at a competitive cost.

To date, oil tank monitoring has generally required separate temperature, and level controllers, plus independent filler nozzles and air filters. Installing and maintaining individual units is both time-consuming and relatively costly; additionally, multiple entry points and extra connections are required for each tank, with individual units also taking up considerable space on the side or top of the tank.

In comparison, the SCOTC combines temperature and level controllers with a standard filler coupling and a standard venting filter in a single, integrated device. This requires just one DIN standard entry port to be made in the tank and can typically be fitted and connected in less time that is required for traditional units.

The SCOTC has a robust, aluminium construction, with the head unit integrating the venting filter, filler coupling and, depending on the specification, either single- or twin-LCD displays; these can be configured on-site and also incorporate analogue output connections for remote control or monitoring. In addition, the SCOTC has a built-in sensor probe and filling tube, with the latter featuring an anti-swirl device to prevent excess disturbance to the tank contents during refilling.

Proven technologies are used for the pre-installed temperature, level or pressure sensors, and these are said to be reliable and accurate, producing consistent results under a wide range of operating conditions.

The SCOTC is characterised by its operational safety and reliability and is backed by Parker's worldwide network of manufacturing, service and customer support centres.

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