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Roxspur Measurement & Control has further developed its range of pressure measurement capsules based on strain gauges, and is introducing the Sensit P150 miniature sensor, which is only 15mm in diameter.

Using state-of-the-art thick-film strain gauge bridge technology, and the well established Sensit expertise in alumina ceramics, the P150 is a high output (1-5mV/V), high linearity sensor. Using modern thick-film production techniques, the sensor is fired onto a ceramic diaphragm, and the bridge components automatically laser trimmed, creating a low-cost element. Glass fusion of the resulting diaphragm to a rigid ceramic case results in a self-contained, hermetically sealed pressure capsule.

All external surfaces are ceramic and, therefore, totally inert, unaffected by any liquids or corrosive fluids, and exceptionally abrasion-resistant. Capsules can be offered as either gauge or absolute pressure sensors with operational ranges from 400mbar to 200bar.

Supplied as a flat-faced 15mm diameter alumina ceramic capsule, the Sensit P150 is a component that can easily be incorporated into a compact housing, as part of OEM equipment. The experienced engineers at Roxspur are skilled in providing custom mechanical housings and electronic interfaces, allowing the sensor to incorporate any end user design requirement. Using this engineering design support also allows designs to be developed with ATEX approval, EA/FDA approved materials, or for high static pressure and temperature use. This has led to the Sensit capsules being incorporated into hydrographic survey diving vessels and submarine cables, in oilfield well monitoring equipment and reservoir monitoring sensors, as well as built into weather monitoring systems and electronic dataloggers.

The 15mm diameter of the new P150 unit has allowed transducer housings to be designed with smaller size and weight; for example, making a 17.5mm diameter water level sensor possible for use in boreholes.

To find out how easy it would be to incorporate a Sensit ceramic pressure measurement capsule in your next equipment design, ask for more information on the Sensit P150 capsule.

20 April 2007

Roxspur Measurement & Control Ltdvisit website
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