Eddy current separator promises improved performance

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Effective separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be challenging, especially with small-sized materials. But Cogelme - the Italian manufacturer of waste recycling equipment, mainly ferrous and non-ferrous metals separators - believes that separation today is only a matter of selecting and applying the right separation technology. Cogelme has developed an eddy current separator that is capable of processing materials down to 2mm in size and achieve very high separation purity. Its cost-effectiveness and excellent non-ferrous metal extraction are not the only advantages, as users can additionally remove ferrous metals down to powder sizes, and segregate these in a separate container.

Cogelme has recently been investigating whether costs can be reduced by optimising the power used in its magnetic separator. Now the company is introducing its new eddy current separator that is less expensive, yet it maintains its high quality and a high level of separation purity. This equipment is said to be an excellent choice for those recyclers that were previously restricted in what they could do due to prohibitive equipment pricing, and that have been obliged to put on hold any plans for sorting aluminium.

Economical and versatile

The eddy current separator is said to be attractive to recyclers, mainly due to its economic cost and versatility in extracting non-ferrous metals from different types of waste – plastic and PET bottles, electronic scrap, domestic waste, demolition waste, wood, foundry sand and so on.

Luca Fezia, Cogelme's CEO, says: "Clients are creating challenges for us that we, with great energy and creativity, turn into the client's real perspectives."

Whereas eddy current separators have traditionally been expensive and of limited use, Cogelme is now offering a cost-effective, versatile and highly efficacious machine.

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