Compact motors offer high dynamism and high torque

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Compact motors offer high dynamism and high torqueMany applications in automation are characterised by high dynamism and high torque at the same time. Spatial restrictions also mean that drives must be short, have a long service life and be maintenance-free, as replacing them can often be too expensive and time-consuming. The new EC-i motors from maxon motor are claimed to match these requirements.

Maxon's EC-i motors are designed as brushless, grooved internal rotor motors, with the advantages being the rotor's low inertia, minimal detent, robust bearings and compact construction. The use of high-powered permanent magnets ensures high power density, providing great speed stability under load.

These motors are available in 40mm diameter and in two lengths, namely

26mm (50W) and 36mm (70W). The modular system with gearheads, encoders and controllers from the maxon delivery program offers a large number of possible combinations.

EC-i motors are suitable for applications that require maximum dynamism in minimum space. Typical areas of application are robotics, industrial automation and security technology.

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