Software simplifies implementation of FDT technology

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FDT (Field Device Tool) technology standardises the communication interfaces between field devices and the system environment. The special feature of this technology is that it is an open system, independent of any communication protocols. Using FDT technology it is claimed to be possible to address any units via any system using any protocol.

IFM's FDT framework software, the IFM Container, features a user-friendly user interface. At program start-up, users are supported by a wizard that carries out all necessary settings for them. The Classic mode offers a major advantage for users with little or no FDT knowledge who do not need complex FDT topology. This mode is also a good choice for simple point-to-point connections. A changeover between Classic and FDT mode is, however, possible at any time. The FDT mode itself offers all users with FDT knowledge the network topology with the familiar FDT structure.

IFM Electronic and many other companies have developed special driver software, the Device Type Manager (DTM), for their own devices or device groups. These DTMs contain all device-specific data, functions and operating conditions. They provide functions to call device parameters, to configure and operate devices, and to locate errors. The DTM is loaded into a PC-based software package, the FDT Container program, and executed there.

IFM Electronic offers this technology for pressure, temperature and flow sensors. The easy-to-use IFM Container program, including an extensive DTM catalogue, is available now.

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