Book explains principles and applications of magnetism

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Book explains principles and applications of magnetismMaxon Motor is publishing Magnetism in English. It features simple examples, estimates and even approximations, with the aim of cultivating a basic understanding and offering assistance for feasibility calculations and considerations.

The book has three chapters. First basics and terms are explained, then there is some theory on magnetism, and finally the magnetic circuit and magnetisation procedures are dealt with in detail. Due to their proximity to drive technology, magnetic forces are dealt with at length, as are magnetic field sensor technology and natural magnetic fields. The author has also added a chapter on The Physiological Effect of Magnetic Fields.

The 190x255 mm paperback book has 177 pages and is available from book stores for CHF75 (EUR50 or £31), ISBN Number 978-3-9520143-5-6. A German version is available with no 3-9520143-3-8.

about the author

Dr Otto Stemme was born almost 70 years ago. He studied physics, earned his degree in Jena and did his doctorate in Munich. As a young Doctor of Physics he began his career at the Institute for Magnetic Materials in Jena and with the Study Group for Storage Technology at the German Academy of Science in Berlin. He later worked with the AEG-Telefunken Research Institute in Ulm.

In 1970 Mr Stemme moved to Maxon in Sachseln, Switzerland. Later he moved to the photographic industry, taking charge of quality control at the Rollei Works in Brunswick. Then, for the Agfa-Gevaert Group, he became the Manager of the Research and Development Division for Photo Technology. At the height of his career, Dr Stemme was Chief Executive Officer of Durst Phototechnik GmbH in Bozen.

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