Enclosure coolers gain improvements and extended warranty

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Enclosure coolers gain improvements and extended warrantyRittal's CMS (Condensate Management System), is now supplied as standard on all TopTherm Plus cooling units, offering increased safety by eliminating potential dangerous puddles of water usually associated with condensing coolers.

Installed just below the cooling units, CMS operates using a simple but reliable management approach (which is similar to the system used in domestic refrigerators). Condensate is collected until a limit is reached, at which point a heating element is triggered to heat the water and evaporate it back into the external atmosphere via a routing tube.

By using a PTC element, the CMS is self-regulated, using only the required amount of power. Furthermore, the management system is also micro-controlled and monitored, enabling faults to be rectified quickly.

CMS offers a high level of performance, dealing effortlessly with condensation formed within the cooling units, and eliminating the need for draining catchment containers or condensation drainpipes.

Cleaner and more efficient

A second new feature on the TopTherm Plus enclosure cooling units is RiNano Technology on the condenser coil. RiNano is a thin nanotechnology coating that repels oil and dust particles, thereby preventing them from attaching to the condensers.

The performance of cooling systems is liable to deteriorate between 30–50 per cent as the cooling fins become dirty over a prolonged period of use. RiNano, comprised of ceramic nanoparticles, adheres firmly to the surface of the condenser, with the protective particles aligning themselves during application. Connecting particles migrate to the top, and anti-adhesion components align themselves with the air, which leads to an ultra-thin glass-like coating that seals the pores. This permanent seal acts as a barrier against foreign bodies, which are then unable to adhere to the dirt-repelling layer, so the levels of dirt accumulated are significantly reduced.

On completion of trials at several of the worlds leading automotive firms, the benefits of the RiNano coating were clearly evident, with reduced contamination, constant condenser efficiency, simple condenser cleaning and a reduction in service requirements. Corrosion resistance is also significantly improved when RiNano is used in conjunction with the Rittal anti-chemical treatment that coats internal parts with a special protective coating.

RiNano is available on both wall- and roof-mounted units from 300-4000W. The application of this technology as standard within the enclosure cooling market is claimed to be an industry first.

Five-year warranty

Rittal now supplies all enclosure cooling systems and process chillers with a 24-month standard warranty offering 15-month global parts and labour cover, plus a further nine months global parts cover. On new units, an extended warranty of up to 60 months (five years) is also available.

Up to three years' parts warranty extension on climate control systems is now possible when a new unit is covered by a Rittal service contract. To activate the five-year service (ie extension for years three, four and five), a service contract should be in place from the date of install to the end of year five. Using its own global service network, Rittal offers a more cost-effective method of maintaining the life of the cooling units anywhere in the world.

Customer-centric service packages to suit the specific application are also available with options such as: maintenance intervals; response times; parts availability; loan unit provision; and 24-hour, 365 days-per-year call-out.

A new service department now co-ordinates all UK service, with close links with the service centres around the world. This new department, with access to a team of highly trained engineers and an extensive stock of spare parts, means Rittal can provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective service.

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