Low-cost leak detection kits start from under £100

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Advanced Engineering Ltd is now offering Spectroline's two new convenient, all-in-one fluorescent leak detection starter kits.

Renowned as one of the fastest, easiest and most accurate ways to spot fluid leaks, the Spectroline method is already safeguarding over 50 million systems worldwide. Like everything in the extensive Spectroline product range, the new packs are distributed in the UK by Advanced Engineering.

The new starter kits feature a choice of groundbreaking, 'go-anywhere' lamps that offer great performance and range, yet are as portable and easy to use as an everyday torch.

Optimax Junior

Unlike other, much more cumbersome inspection lamps, the Optimax Junior is small enough to fit in an engineer's top pocket and can be used in the tightest spaces. There is no electrical cord, as three conventional AA batteries (included in the pack) are sufficient to keep the high-intensity, 100,000-hour LED bulb at peak performance for over half a day's continuous use.

Optimax Pro

For heavier-duty applications, the Optimax Pro pack features a powerful 14.5V lamp capable of pinpointing the tiniest leaks up to 6m (20ft) away. Between them, the packs cover a wide range of needs.

Advanced Engineering Director Vern Klein says regular customers are very enthusiastic about the new kits: "It has been amazing. Clients of over ten years' standing are telling us these are the most convenient and effective leak detection lamps they have ever seen."

Like all great inventions, Spectroline's method of checking for leaks is very simple – and does not even need the system to be shut down. A small shot of universal AR-GLO fluorescent dye is added to the system, while it is still running, and allowed to circulate. If any fluid is escaping, the dye goes with it and glows a brilliant yellow-green colour under an Optimax lamp. Even leaks as small as 3g per year can be clearly seen – and therefore rectified before they lead to more serious damage.

Once repairs have been made, the kit's AntiGlo spray can be used to remove the dye from the leak sites, so later checks will confirm whether the work has been successful.

Best of all, AR-GLO is OEM approved and completely solvent-free – so, unlike many other fluorescent dyes, can be left to circulate in the system indefinitely, without risk of damage. Future checks are therefore simply a matter of scanning the system again with an Optimax lamp.

Both packs include everything needed to get going: the Optimax lamp, universal AR-GLO dye and easy-to-use injector, AntiGlo dye remover spray... and even UVS-40 glasses to make the leaks glow brighter. Incredibly, the complete kits start from under £100.

Mr Klein concludes: "With the new packs, it is very quick and easy to find tiny leaks and fix them before they become big, expensive problems."

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