Solid-state versatile multiplexer switches in just 80us

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI switching products with the introduction of the 40-682 solid state versatile MUX. This is a an equivalent to the Pickering Interfaces 40-612 versatile MUX but uses high-performance solid-state switches that benefit from a long service life, no switch bounce, and low on resistance. Indeed, the on resistance of each multiplexer is typically just 3.2 ohms, which is claimed to be significantly lower than any other PXI solid-state switching module. Use of FET switches in the design ensures that the module can handle high currents without degrading the switches.

The 40-682 can handle continuous currents of 0.25A and pulse currents of 0.75A for 100ms - enabling the multiplexer to switch reliably when connected to capacitive loads. Switch voltage rating is specified at +/-40V. The versatile switching arrangement allows users to operate the 40-682 in a variety of configurations ranging from eight banks of 16-channel 1-pole multiplexers to one bank of 128-channel 1-pole multiplexer. Two-pole switching is supported by the same module with configurations ranging from eight banks of eight channels to one bank of 64 channels.

Pickering Interfaces says the 40-682 is supported by VISA and Kernel drivers that provide fast control of the switching system. Switching time, including the driver, is typically just 80us with a bounce-free rise time of less than 20us.

The 40-682 is suitable for a variety of applications where fast operation and long service life are required. It can be configured to perform four-terminal resistance measurements using a DMM quickly and accurately at the highest current capability of the DMM with low measurement errors.

This new versatile multiplexer is available now and pricing can be found on the company's website at

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