Twin-flow hydraulic pumps are powerful and cost-effective

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Twin-flow hydraulic pumps are powerful and cost-effectiveParker Hannifin is launching the latest addition to its F2 range of twin-flow hydraulic pumps. The F2-70/70 is claimed to be the most powerful pump of its kind, yet it remains simple and cost-effective for the most demanding of hydraulic applications - such as off-road, forestry and construction equipment.

These pumps can simultaneously provide two separate downstream systems with the exact amount of oil required. As a result, it is possible to eliminate the need for an oil cooler and the often complex and expensive option of installing a fully load-sensing system. The pumps have fewer components, thereby helping to reduce maintenance requirements and lower operating costs.

The F2-70/70 pump is offers 70+70cc/rev performance, making it suitable for powerful hydraulic machinery, without placing undue stress on power take-off units. Twin flows of up to 116+116 litres per minute enable the pump to handle demanding simultaneous functions, providing minimal heat loss and high-capacity power reserve, and delivering efficient vehicle manoeuvring, maximum reliability and long service life.

Parker's entire F2 series features the highly efficient bent-axis shaft design, designed primarily for heavy-duty mobile applications, enabling the pumps to withstand continuous use at high revs.

In addition to the F2-70/70 pumps, the F2 range includes a number of other models, such as the 42+42, 55+28, 53+53 and 70+35cc/rev pumps, designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of hydraulic applications.

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